5 Affordable and Creative Wedding Party Favors To Charm Your Guests

5 Affordable and Creative Wedding Party Favors To Charm Your Guests

Your wedding ceremony went smoothly, and your reception was a huge success. After the spectacular party you just hosted, it will be difficult to imagine that your wedding day is over, and your raving guests are sure to feel the same way. Send them off with something to cherish the celebrations for a splendid finale of your most special day. Below, you’ll find a list of affordable and creative wedding party favors that’s sure to delight your guests.

Tiny Engraved Wood Token

A heartfelt thank you token is often enough for the people you love. This lovely engraved wood souvenir will surely melt their hearts. Have it engraved with your wedding details, and add a short inspirational quote to lift your guest’s mood or better yet, recall the fun memories on your wedding day.
Creative Tip: Glue a piece of magnet at the back and this instantly turns into a ref magnet!

Personalized Wedding Favor Wood Slice Ornament

Perfect for your rustic wedding, these wood slice ornaments will definitely put a smile on the face of your guests. Have them personalized with a heartfelt messages, names, dates, inside jokes or verses that’s sure remind your guests of your festive wedding celebration.
Creative Tip: Request for a 3.5” slice and transform this wood slice ornament into a functional coaster that your guests can use for years to come. 

Engraved Leather Keychain

Add a rustic touch to your wedding with this Engraved Leather Keychain. Your guests will appreciate how functional and useful these wedding favors are! Not only that, but you can personalize your favors by engraving your names, the year, and your last name to celebrate your special day!
Creative Tip: Add geo coordinates if you’re having a destination wedding! Your guests will surely treasure the memories and the wonderful journey they have shared with you.

Engraved Personalized Wood Slice

Your rustic wedding will be perfect by having guests bring home these delightful walnut wood slices. There's no finer way to give your friends and relatives a keepsake that will remind them of your wedding's rustic charm and sweet memories. Your guests will surely love having these wood slabs as their very own table centerpiece to hold candle lanterns and wildflowers.
Creative Tip: For a dreamy wedding feel, have it engraved with a custom star map that shows the alignment of the stars on the date and location of your wedding. 

Engraved Wooden Picture Frame Keepsake

Give your wedding guests a one-of-a-kind present that will remind them of your special day for years to come. A wooden picture frame may sound ordinary, but consider this as a blank artist’s canvas, and a masterpiece awaiting to be made. Personalize with your wedding details, quirky quotes, inspiring verses or a beautiful portrait of your wedding venue.
Creative Tip: Along with your names and wedding date, have it engraved with a custom word search game! Your guests will definitely be excited to take it home and decorate their homes with this fun yet meaningful gift.